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Chimney Sweeps of Denver is a leading authority in our field here in Denver and Colorado.
We are certified chimney sweeps by the CSIA.

Chimney fires are expensive!
Early detection saves you money. Annual inspection and chimney cleaning is cost effective.

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chimney cleaing Chimney Sweep of America, Denver Why Sweep Your Chimney? The substance that is pictured on the right is called creosote. This substance can burn at temperatures up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit and can have the same ignition temperature as a piece of paper.
The chimney flue is the passageway for toxic gases to escape out of your home. Cracks, holes or obstructions in a chimney flue can cause dangerous carbon monoxide fumes, or soot, to leak into your home.

This is why the National Fire Protection Association recommends that oil, gas and solid fuel burning chimney flues are inspected yearly to insure proper draft, venting of soot & fumes, and, to guarantee that there is not an obstruction in the flue. The National Fire Protection Code 211 requires an annual safety inspection of all chimney systems. Here’s why: In a wood-burning system, incomplete combustion results in unburned residue which rises in the chimney as part of the smoke. This residue called creosote is deposited on the inside of the chimney walls, presenting a major fire hazard to the home.

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